Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Namaste: Yoga for Runners

Today's Workout: yoga video, stretching, lower body strengthening

I will be the first to admit that I am as flexible as a pencil. My body is just tight all-around, which probably helped lead to my recent injury. Ugh, that sucks to admit. So since I can't run for a while (2 weeks, 6 days and counting..) I've made it my personal mission to become more flexible so something like this injury doesn't happen again.

Step one of my mission: try to do yoga at least 4 times a week.

I've never really done yoga before even though pretty much everyone I know does it and tries to talk me into going to classes with them. My problem is that I just really like sweating and moving alot when I exercise. Yoga requires me to pull myself back and go super slow in the workout. For me, this is incredibly difficult which is probably why I was never thrilled with yoga. But I think its time I gave it a chance, for my body's sake. I want to be like a rubber band, not a pencil. Yes, another school-supplies reference.

I'm trying to be like the girl in the pink rather than the girl in the blue. Although I could go for a drink right about now...

I did some online searches for yoga videos for runners. I hope that by following a video geared towards runners, it will help open up my hips, stretch all the important leg muscles, and improve my balance which also is pretty pathetic. During googling, I found two pretty good videos that I tried today. While I wasn't amazing at them by any means (and I realized just how inflexible I really am), I seriously felt the stretches and think it will help me out for the future. Also I realized while doing all the warrior poses and lunges that my quads aren't as strong as I thought they were. Whats up with that? Anyone else notice that, too? I guess running doesn't necessarily make the quads stronger, it just makes them look like they are.

These are the two videos I tried out:

 Yoga for runners: 25 min

Yoga for Runners: Injury Prevention

I'll definitely try to keep up with these two videos and see if I can get any better at them. Honestly I think I can only get better at these anyway since I pretty much stink at the moment. Imagine the worst person you've ever seen doing yoga and I bet I'm at least twice as bad as them. Yup. But other than yoga, I've been foam rolling the heck of of my IT Band and doing any stretch that I can find for it. I'm also working on strengthening my glutes, quads, and abductor muscles. I've read that all of this helps with recovery for this injury for anyone else interested. Claire@ Let's Go on A Living Spree also suggested ice baths, which I may try out tonight. Thanks Claire!

Since I am still on spring break this week, I also spent a good chunk of today catching up on the TV shows that I missed the past few days. I know I should have done something more productive like read or make something, but I like TV. I'll admit it. The two main shows I watched today were the newest Glee episode (Fox) and Hart of Dixie (CW11).

Glee seems like its dragging a little bit to me but I'm hoping the season will improve. Also, they keep picking on certain characters. I mean how much more crappy things can happen to Quinn? Leave the girl alone already! Hart of Dixie is also a cool show that is slowly creeping to the top of my favorites list. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. Seriously! NYC doctor goes to the South, yeah its one of those shows. Plus Rachel Bilson is the main actress and shes pretty cool.

Such a cute show.

Do you use any yoga videos for runners? If you do, post it below!
What TV shows are currently on your rotation?


  1. My hips always get super tight and lately my calf muscles have been crazy tight I'm not sure why. I don't usually do any yoga, which of course doesn't help the cause. I try to do the pigeon stretch for my hips before and after runs...but you've motivated me to practice yoga more consistently!

    Oh, and Mad Men is one of my absolute faves :-)

    1. We can definitely motivate each other to do yoga haha. I've heard from alot of people its amazing, so we'll see! Those two videos are short so even doing one of them is good I think.

      I haven't watched Mad Men! I think I should.. Spring break just might be the time to get sucked into another show.

  2. A friend of mine keeps trying to get me to yoga with her and instead we simply meet up for a drink! HAH!
    I've been super tight lately though and think perhaps a change of heart is in order, although I'm reluctant! And about as flexible as a 2x4.
    Lately I've been watching Once Upon a Time (awesome show!) and of course my all time Fav, How I Met Your Mother (never gets old!)

    1. I have a handful of friends who try to get me to go. I usually just give them the "are you crazy look" when they ask haha. Now I may have to take them up on their offers, if they even dare to ask me again! But I have to say even doing it once yesterday, my muscles do feel slightly looser (maybe haha).

      Ah! Love HIMYM. And my sister watches Once Upon a Time. That's another one I have to watch! I really love TV haha.

  3. I love Glee - but I agree with you on this season.

    I adore yoga and do it at least 2 times a week. This week I haven't been able to go - and notice how stiff my body is without it. My suggestion - steam room or sauna 10 minutes before and after. You will be more flexible and it helps break up that lactic acid build up :)

    1. That's a really good idea! I think for someone as inflexible as me that might help a ton and maybe help me like yoga more!

  4. I watch both of those shows, as well as (almost) everything else. I think Glee is trying to figure out what they're gonna do when all the "seniors" graduate. It's like the lull before the storm...hopefully. LOVE Hart of Dixie and Rachel Bilson! Cute show and very addicting in a weird way. I really want the inevitable to happen...Zoe and Wade to hook up and Lemon and George to break up!

    1. That must be what's going on with Glee. Hoping it improves. And I'm go glad there another Hart of Dixie fan! I agree with you about wanting those two things to happen, especially George and Lemon. Its gotta happen soon!

    2. I know I am still catching up and I watch 3 episodes in a row because each time I think Wade and Zoe are going to get together!! The suspense is killing me!

    3. Its addicting isn't it?! I knew you would like that show Jen.