Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting Some Vitamin D

Today I didn't have a major workout, just some stretching and light strengthening exercises. Since it was around 70 degrees in NYC, I decided to make it a rest day and get my pale self outside. I need some Vitamin D... stat! Karl and I took a nice long walk around the neighborhood and went to the park to read. Even though I planned to swim today, one thing led to another and that never happened. So I'm counting the long walk and the stretching as my exercise for the day.

Our first stop was Starbucks in DUMBO. While I usually never drink coffee, I don't consider a Mocha Light Frappuccino actual "coffee". Its more like a milkshake, which suits me just fine. Plus, I had a gift card so my frappuccino and Karl's iced tea thing were free. I love when things are free. Sweet!

 Nice cold drinks on a warm-ish day. Aren't we cute?!

We scarfed those babies down on our way to the Empire Fulton Ferry Park at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, which was recently updated and is beautiful. The park is right in between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges. So you can imagine that the views of the bridges and the city skyline are amazing. People are always taking wedding pictures down there or shooting TV shows. Pretty cool stuff. They even restored a 1922 carousel and brought it back to the park for people to ride. We saw a bride and groom taking a ride on it. So adorable!

Jane's Carousel

How gorgeous! And I clearly don't mean me. Blah my hair is a mess.

 Afterwards we walked over to Pier 1 (Brooklyn Bridge Park) and sat on the lawn there to read. I was secretly jealous of all the happy runners I saw running loops around the park. Actually, I wasn't so secret about it and kept complaining to Karl how much I wish I could run today. He kept trying to cheer me up but eventually he kind of gave up. I think I just needed to sulk about it. But I got it out of my system and I've moved on. Sort of.

So since I am injured I lazily laid there and read the Hunger Games, even though I just saw the movie recently (Nothing beats reading the actual books in my opinion!). This laying and reading thing would have been incredibly peaceful if it weren't for all the gross flies hovering above me. Karl says flies like the color yellow, which was ironically the color of my shirt. I don't think I believe that, but I buttoned up my sweater to hide my yellow shirt to test the theory. Didn't work.

What you can't see are all the flies above me... yuck.

 Eventually the flies creeped us out so much that we decided to do some exploring and find food. I am always ready for food. I've been wanting to try out a restaurant in Brooklyn Heights called Siggy's Good Food. The chef was on Chopped on the Food Network once and I've heard good things about this place from other Brooklyn-ites. Its organic, healthier food so of course I had to sort of talk Karl into it. I'm glad I did because the food was great (and he agreed)! I had the 3 bean butternut squash soup with carrot-apple juice to start. The free bread was also pretty awesome.

Fresh, homemade soup.

 After I cleaned the bowl, of course, we had our main dishes. Karl had a beef burger and I had the organic chicken cutlet hero. Both were fantastic. Plus, I'm not sure what is in the 'vegan mayo' that was on my sandwich but it tasted really good. Just like regular mayo but better. Definitely recommended!


 Now, its time for movies with Karl for our date night after a really nice afternoon. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a long run... 2 weeks and counting!

What are your weekend plans?
Did you eat at any new restaurants lately? Any cool new dishes?
 If you live in NYC, did you take advantage of the nice weather today?


  1. New reader here :) I found your blog when I was searching for tips, stretches, etc. about ITBS. I recently diagnosed myself (yes, I know!) after months and months of not being able to get rid of what I thought was PFPS. Friday, I felt the twinges on the outside of my knee and had a revelation. So, I'm in the same boat as you. Please keep us updated on what is going on with your ITBS...I want to learn all I can!

    1. Hey Amy! Glad you found me! I sort of diagnosed myself, too before I even saw my doc so I understand. I'll definitely keep updating about my injury recovery. I am going to do a big post in the next few days about it and include all the things I am doing for rehab.

      Basically though I was told by my doc to stop running for 3 weeks :( Boo! He gave me anti-inflammatories so if you don't want to go to the doc to get Celebrex, I'd suggest 1 Aleve a day.

      In the meantime I am foam rolling every day 2 or 3x a day (2x 5 minutes each time). I feel that this helps the most! I am also doing LOTS of stretches everyday, 15 min ice baths every day or so, and using "the stick". I'll post specific stretches and exercises I've been using too (I've been strengthening my hips and glutes). Since I can't run, its been basically yoga, swimming, and some easy elliptical.

      Good luck with your ITBS syndrome Amy! Make sure to rest.. its hard to stop your activity but it will help it heal quicker. I'll post more details soon so check back in a few days!

    2. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the post :)

    3. Amy I just wanted you to know I posted my IT Band Syndrome information today. Hope it helps you!

  2. Cute pix! Looks like a blast. I am jealy of runners today as well - but it is a rest day and I NEED to remember how valuable they are.

    I enjoyed NYC yesterday and found 2 new restaurants. The Wharf on 3rd Ave near GC had some yummy bar food and cheap beers. Their outside deck is pretty cool in the back - you'd never know it was there.

    We then went to Peep for dinner. The decor is kind of bizarre - and the music. But the bathrooms are awesome! They are one sided mirrors so when you're doing your thing - you can see everyone in the restaurant. I saw a girl fighting with the door knob and it was cracking me up. The food was DELICIOUS! I had chilean sea bass. Yum! It is in the Soho area.

    Your soup looks yummy!

    1. Yes rest days are SO good for your body! I've been in a constant resting state for a while haha. That's when rest really stinks!

      I've never been to those restaurants so I'll definitely try to go by them. I'm always on the hunt for good food :) Plus, you can't beat cheap beers and an outside deck.

      And I heard of that place Peep with the bathrooms! I would most likely still feel like people could see me while I'm in the bathroom and be blushing the whole time haha. Probably would have been hysterical watching the doorknob girl too! One way mirrors are such a good idea. Thanks for the restaurant tips :)