Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What to Wear While Running

Let's talk about clothes. Specifically, running clothes. I am bringing this up because I recently purchased two cute running skirts/skorts: this one and this one. Its definitely perfect weather for these babies and I can't wait to properly test them out. Aren't they just adorable?! Because I just made these purchases, athletic clothes just happen to be on my mind. I also know that most people don't really know whats weather appropriate or what items are more necessary than others... that's where I'm coming in!!

If you're anything like me, you love getting running gear (or just buying things in general.. I wish I had more money or an unlimited gift card or a rich anonymous donor who just wants to treat me to things). In addition to the thrill of getting gifts for yourself (like my skirts that were a gift to me... just because it was a Wednesday :) ), buying quality items that keep your body temperature regulated, dry, and comfortable is super essential. The first step in figuring out what to buy in the never-ending supply of athletic clothes is to decide what items you need to get based on weather. This book is great for that....

Half Marathon, By: Jeff Galloway
 A book with most of the information you will ever need to know.

Jeff Galloway's book gives a great little chart about clothing and temperatures. Here it is:

Temperature                                              What to wear
              60 degrees+                                     tank top or singlet, and shorts

  50-59 degrees                                          T shirt and shorts

          40-49 degrees                                long sleeve lightweight shirt,
                                                                    shorts/tights, mittens and gloves

               30-39 degrees                              long-sleeve medium weight shirt,
                                                                    and another T shirt, tights and shorts,
                                                                        mittens or gloves and a hat over both ears

                  20-29 degrees                                  long-sleeve medium weight shirt,
                                                                           and another T shirt, tights and shorts,
                                                                          mittens or gloves and a hat over both ears

                 10-19 degrees                                long-sleeve medium weight shirt,
                                                                         medium/heavy weight shirt,tights & shorts,
                                                                         wind breaker suit, thick mittens and a hat

                         0-9 degrees                         2 medium or heavy weight long-sleeve shirts,
                                                                  thick tights, thick underwear,
                                                                      heavy warm up suit, gloves & thick mittens,
                                                                    ski mask, vaseline over exposed skin,
                                                                  and a hat over both ears

Key take-away from this... don't dress like this guy..
 I don't even know what I would do if I really saw this guy in real life.

Also, I'm not sure I would ever run in 0-9 degree weather, but someone is or else Jeff Galloway wouldn't have included it in his chart. But anyway, that's the basic run-down and will help you get a good idea of whether or not you are dressing correctly. Tip: You should always be a little cool when you first leave your house, not totally warm or you will overheat when you start to run. If you go through the list above, you can pick which items you don't have depending on the type of weather you typically run in or to help you prepare for next season. 

I think its important that if you buy nothing else, you have the basics: shoes, moisture-wicking socks, a good pair of shorts (and capri tights if you prefer to run in those), a singlet or tank top for warm weather, a long-sleeve top, a thicker zip-up jacket (one that covers your neck in cold weather is best), long tights for cold weather, and perhaps a light windbreaker for windy or rainy days.
Also, if you run in cold weather you may want to get a nice pair of running gloves and a hat or ear warmer. I got mine from Lululemon (and the ear warmer really stays on my head!) and they worked great this winter. See my gear review page for the specific items that I wear, but definitely shop around online and in running stores for good deals. You can always find them if you look hard enough! And keep an eye out for this magical four-letter word:

Some other basic tips:
  • Stick to dry-fit or any moisture-wicking fabrics. Cotton is usually not a good choice since the sweat just stays there and weighs you down.
  • Make sure you test things out on short runs before you go on a long run in it, just in case it doesn't agree with your body for some reason.
  •  Be careful washing your clothes in the dryer! Some of the fabrics shrink easily.
  • As is my rule for everything: if you find something you really like, you might want to get several of that item in a few colors (e.g. I have 3 of the Hana Run Short because it's so awesome)

Good websites to check out for deals: 

What are some items you can't live without?


  1. what do you wear if its 95 degrees and sunny?!

    guess who!

    1. Well Jen, not sure what to tell you there. I don't have that problem! lol