Monday, March 26, 2012

Running with Penny and Sheldon...

Today's Workout: 3.6 mile run with speed intervals

...Not literally, of course. I totally wish. I'd actually love to see what Sheldon would look like running. Not Jim Parsons, but the actual character. I imagine it would look something like Pheobe from Friends running. I know you've seen that episode!

Really though I just watched them on TV while I ran on the treadmill today... like a hamster on a wheel. It was dark already when I decided to run after school and since I have big problems with running outside in the dark... treadmill it was. Not a bad run actually, especially since my knee was acting up a bit after my run on Saturday. Felt good today, thankfully. Or it could have been having the shenanigans of this show keeping me motivated and entertained....

What do you do when you run on the treadmill? Music? TV?

I added in some speed intervals (6x400 at 5K pace) into my workout today. Now that I've finished my first half and am no longer following a super strict training schedule (Mr. Hal Hidgon's plan), I think its time to work on improving my speed and try to get some PRs. I am running the Scotland Run10K on April 7 and am hoping to improve my 10K time in that race.

Also I want to wear a kilt in the spirit of Scotland but have no idea how to sew and don't know where to get one since its not Halloween. Any ideas? I really want to pretend like I'm Scottish. Ive had haggis, I know the deal. I am Irish though, isn't that close enough?! (kidding!)

Anyway, speed workouts will be added into my workouts a lot more often in the next few weeks and months. They are  fun and mix up the monotony of the dreadmill. I also think I deserve to move up a bib color, NYRR, and want to prove that to you!

Speaking of NYRR, today the registration for Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 19th opened. I signed up because I've heard its a great race. My friend Jessica also signed up for it so I'll have some company for this race! This will be nice since my company for the NYC Half was my iPod and the 10 seconds I saw Karl in Times Square. So amazingly the BK Half is nearing capacity though even though it's only been open for 9 hours or so. Incredible! Glad to see running is becoming more and more popular though and love that people want to be healthy :) Spread the love, runners!


  1. Sheldon wouldn't run he would get Howard to invent something ridiculous to rig the race in his favor.

    1. Haha that would probably be true. They did have a "time machine" in one of the episodes. Maybe if they could actually get it to work.. he could win the NYC Marathon.

  2. I LOVE Penny and Sheldon! I can't believe we both posted about this!

    1. Yes, the Big Bang Theory is one of the best shows ever.. its hysterical! What are the odds we posted within a few days of each other... its like you answered my question with that video haha