Saturday, March 24, 2012

Running with a View

Today's Workout: 5 mile easy run 

Besides a short jog the other day, today was my first normal run since the NYC Half last weekend.  Luckily it was a really nice day out and didn't rain like it was supposed to. I was on Staten Island visiting my parents so I decided to go down to the boardwalk for an easy 5 mile run with some nice beach scenery that I don't normally get in Brooklyn... actually who am I kidding, I never get beach views. So this was a treat.

It was 55 and sunny. Those should like perfect running conditions, right? Well it would have been except the light, springy breeze that I felt by my house was more like gale force Hurricane "Insert random hurricane name" winds down by the beach. Would have totally blown my parents 4 pound Chihuahua out to sea. Nevertheless, I made sure to run into the wind on the first half of my run and with the wind at my back for the second. The views were so nice that the wind didn't bother me too much.

Saw some interesting folks out walking around in some choice outfits. Wish I was coordinated enough to take photos while running to share with you the daytime styles of some Staten Islanders (in case you're about to feel the urge to defend SI, I can say these things because I was born and raised on SI. And I really do love it there. Just don't always love the clothes). Let me put it this way, lots of not-so-young adults wearing Juicy Couture and "LOVE Victoria's Secret PINK" matching sets. Ah, good old SI.

The view was amazing and I always love seeing the Verazzano Bridge in the background. But I definitely need to find a running partner... can't wait until my world-traveler sisters come home then I can drag them out with me. They just don't know they've agreed to this yet. But they have.

 Probably will take it easy tomorrow and swim or elliptical. Don't want to push myself too fast, even though I'd always rather be running.

Where are your favorite places to run?



    this is my thinking spot when i run ;)

    1. You are just trying to make me jealous! I bet you didn't have any funny people to watch though!

    2. LOL there is one really elderly lady whose dog walks her around lance aux epines, which is quite amusing. otherwise its just beach views and thinking spots, actually i just wanted to share my movie-esque thinking spot. where's yours?

    3. I don't really have a movie-esque thinking spot where I go to look into the sunset and dance or whatever they do in the movies at their thinking spots. Brooklyn is not as pretty as Grenada.